What content is initially visible to students in this environment?

In our Full Control environment, both exercise set solutions and exercise set walkthroughs are initially hidden from students (but visible to teachers).

This thereby allows teachers to use these questions in class as well as for homework.

(As teachers can “turn on” the solutions/walkthroughs on student accounts on a per class basis, teachers also have the option of reducing their workload in this environment by allowing students to self-asses their own schoolwork/homework.)

All of our other content, including the exercise set questions themselves, our digital lessons, mocks exams (and solutions), revision sheets etc. are all visible to students.

(Teachers also have the ability to show and hide the exercise set questions themselves as well as each digital lesson if they wish, as shall be discussed below.)

How do I make the solutions and walkthroughs of a particular exercise set visible on the student accounts of a particular class?

This can be done in just a few steps!

  • Click Dashboard at the top of any page and then Teacher Dashboard on the following page.
  • Click Full Control on the class that you wish to make the solutions/walkthroughs visible to.
  • Click the particular set of solutions that you want to make visible, then click the Show Page to Students checkbox that appears before finally clicking Update Lesson.


(These same steps also give you the option of hiding other content if you wish, including the questions themselves as well as each digital lesson.)

How can I check what is currently visible to the students of each class?

The steps are similar to those described above.

  • Click Dashboard at the top of any page and then Teacher Dashboard on the following page.
  • Click the name of the class itself (rather than Full Control) that you wish to check.

You’ll then see a list of the digital lessons, exercise sets and exercise set solutions/walkthroughs, some of which will be currently hidden from students in that class (a padlock will be shown next to the title).

As easy as that!

I have more questions!

Not a problem! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to assist!