Hi, and thank you for your interest in a school licence!

Below, you will find the answers to some of the more common questions that we are asked about our school licences, as well as the school licence form itself!


The school licence form will appear here once L.C. Maths launches school licences at the start of the 2023/24 school year.

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Any school staff member, including the principal, a deputy principal, a teacher or administration staff.

Not a problem!

If you have a rough idea on numbers, we recommend filling out the form with that rough number. If that number turns out to be too low, you can easily add more students right here!

If, instead, you have no idea on the number, don't worry! It only takes us at most 24 hours to get everything ready for you once the school licence form is filled out.

Therefore, feel free to come back at a later time when you have a better idea of student numbers.

A school licence grants each of the agreed upon number of students (typically all 5th/6th year students) a full membership to L.C. Maths, thereby allowing them to access all of our resources and to use all of our features until the end of school term (30th June).

Likewise, it also entitles any Leaving Cert Maths teacher at that school to a teacher account. This account includes added benefits as outlined on our homepage, including the ability to show and hide the solutions of our exercise questions.

Yes! There are no restrictions on when you can obtain a school licence.

Of course, the earlier, the better!

No catch!

We created this website with the primary goal of giving both students and teachers access to the best resources for Leaving Cert Maths as cheaply as possible.

A school licence is therefore priced at what we believe is the lowest amount that keeps the website running!

Until the end of the school year (30th June).

We will send each school details on how they can renew their licence for the following year a few weeks before this date.

That is entirely dependent on the school!

Some schools fund it themselves, some schools fund it through parents, and others a bit of both.

The choice is up to you!

School licenses are typically paid for by bank transfer but we also accept debit cards, credit cards and PayPal!


When applying for a licence, be sure to use your school email address. We'll then verify things from there!

No problem!

Additional student accounts can easily be added throughout the year right here.

If you instead need an additional teacher account, let us know by contacting us at

No problem!

Feel free to reach out to Mr. Kenny on Teacher Chat or at