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6th Year HL Final Revision
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How does it work?

Each day will focus on a particular topic and is broken into five steps.

Step 1: Quiz.

A few minutes before the class, students attempt our included self-corrected quiz in order to test their understanding of the basics.

Step 2: Class.

The class is then given by Dr. Ciarán Kenny, head of Students are encouraged to interrupt the teacher at any point to ask questions.

Step 3: Worksheet.

Students then attempt our included worksheet. Solutions are also included to help with each student’s understanding.

Step 4: Practice.

Students then practice by attempting relevant past paper questions and our own included mock exams.

Step 5: Q&A.

During Steps 3 & 4, students can hop on & off our three-hour Q&A to ask as many questions as they like.

Once completed, each student should be a master of that topic!

How much time does it take per day?

Not as long as you might think!
The quiz takes a few minutes, the class takes one hour and the amount of time each student spends afterwards practicing and on the Q&A depends on how strong/weak that student is in that particular topic.

What’s the purpose of the Q&As?

Students can hop on & off the Q&A to “raise their hand” while practicing with our worksheets, mock exams and with past papers after the class has ended.
Our goal is for each student to have no question unanswered.

Do I need to watch live?

Not at all! Our live classes will be recorded and can be rewatched on-demand.
Some students choose to watch all of our classes live, others choose to watch live in their weakest areas only, and others instead prefer watching all of our classes in their own time.

What type of questions should I ask in the Q&A?

That depends on your ability in that particular topic. Here are some examples:

“I’m completely lost with this question. Can you go through it for me?”

“I don’t understand how to approach this part of the question. Can you go give me some hints?”

“I totally understand the maths involved in the solution of this question. However, I don’t understand how I should have known that this approach was the right one to take. Can you help explain that to me?”

Does my camera need to be on?

Only if you feel comfortable, but it’s not necessary!

Note that only the teacher and his whiteboard will be recorded. A student’s face and voice are never recorded.

Does my microphone need to be on?

If you want to ask questions, yes!

However, you’re free to keep your microphone off until you feel the need to ask a question.

Do I have to wait until the Q&As to ask a question?

Not at all! Students are actively encouraged to also ask questions during the class itself.

In each Q&A, can I only ask questions about the topic of that day?

Not at all! We want to ensure that all of your questions are answered. Students can therefore ask any questions about any topic on any day while those questions are fresh in their mind.